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Collaborative Opportunities

This area is intended to showcase businesses and research laboratories that are looking for opportunities to collaborate based on mutual interests and benefit.

Related Projects and Initiatives

LifeSaver Project
The LifeSaver Project Is Finding Solutions to Fetal and Maternal Safety With In Vitro And In Silico Techniques.


International Placenta Stem Cell Society - IPLASS
An international scientific organization which is open to scientists who are working in, or who have previously worked in the field of placenta-derived stem cells.

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Research Labs


Educell provides cell therapies to clinicians for the best treatment of patients.

We are focused in providing best possible cell therapies in ortopedics, hematology, gastroenterology and others.


Remembrane designs and manufactures membrane-targeting lipid supplements able to boost key performance parameters of any kind of cultured cell.


Seqvera provides customized testing data analysis and equipment for predictive model-free evaluation of biomaterials and selected ATMP products development and regulative compliance.


As a member of the COST SPRINT Action, please contact to add your lab's expertise in this area

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Our lab is focused on amniotic membrane-derived cells and their applications in regenerative medicine, with a special interest on immunomodulation

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