Join our Action

Why join the Action?

  • To be part of an open space for collaboration among multidisciplinary experts from Europe (and beyond) and thereby give impetus to research advancements and innovation in the field of perinatal derivatives

  • To participate and contribute to SPRINT's working tools, such as meetings, workshops, conferences, training schools, short-term scientific missions (STSMs), and dissemination activities

  • To be part of a durable network  that meets regularly to  exchange  scientific ideas in order to impact the successfull translation of perinatal derivatives

Who can join the Action?

  • Researchers, Physicians, Innovators, Regulatory Experts 

  • All types of Institutions (Academia, Public and Private Institutions, SME/Industry, NGO, European/International Organisations, etc)

  • All career stages

  • From any COST Member Country and Cooperating State

  • From Near Neighbour Countries (NNCs)  

  • From International Partner Countries (IPCs). IPCs are Non-COST Countries that are not NNCs

How to join the SPRINT COST Action

There are several ways to get involved, please see the COST Association guidelines.

If you are eligible to join, please provide some information about yourself by completing the application form and sending it to: