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Join our Action

Why join the Action?

  • To be part of an open space for collaboration among multidisciplinary experts from Europe (and beyond) and thereby give impetus to research advancements and innovation in the field of perinatal derivatives

  • To participate and contribute to SPRINT's working tools, such as meetings, workshops, conferences, training schools, short-term scientific missions (STSMs), and dissemination activities

  • To be part of a durable network  that meets regularly to  exchange  scientific ideas in order to impact the successfull translation of perinatal derivatives

Who can join the Action?

  • Researchers, Physicians, Innovators, Regulatory Experts 

  • All types of Institutions (Academia, Public and Private Institutions, SME/Industry, NGO, European/International Organisations, etc)

  • All career stages

  • From any COST Member Country and Cooperating State

  • From Near Neighbour Countries (NNCs)  

  • From International Partner Countries (IPCs). IPCs are Non-COST Countries that are not NNCs

How to join the SPRINT COST Action

1) register into the e-COST platform (or log in if you are already registered): 

2) retrieve the Action CA17116

3) apply for a "New WG application" 

Send an email to info(at) once your application is submitted in order to launch the MC evaluation process.

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