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WG 2

Leader: Andreina Schoeberlein (Switzerland)

Vice Leader: Maria Filomena Botelho (Portugal)


1) To review studies in animal models in order to grade efficacy of therapeutic interventions and identify research gaps for each animal model and/or disease of interest;

2) To develop new treatment modalities for pre-clinical studies relative to the identified research gaps and priorities that build upon the consensus or standardized protocols defined in WG1;

3) To propose disease-specific therapeutic approaches using PnD based on their potential to differentiate into tissue-specific cells or to induce bystander effects through their secretome.  


Ingrid Lang-Olip (Austria)
Peter Ponsaerts (Belgium, Action Vice Chair)
Mathilde Fenelon (France) 

Marie Dubus (France)

Alexandra Gellhaus (Germany)

Maria Gazouli (Greece)
Maria Roubelakis (Greece; STSM Committee Member)

Jessica Schiavi-Tritz (Ireland)
Fausto Cremonesi (Italy)

Anna Lange Consiglio (Italy)

Sveva Bollini (Italy)

Maria Roberta Piva (Italy)

Jānis Ločs (Latvia)
Kristaps Klavins (Latvia)

Ana Margarida Abrantes  (Portugal)
Salomé Pinho (Portugal)
Ana Salomé Pires Lourenço (Portugal)
Diana Bugarski (Serbia)

Roberto Gramignoli (Sweden)

Ekaterine Berishvili (Switzerland) 

Caterina Balbi (Switzerland) 

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