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WG 3

Leader: Francisco J. Nicolás-Villaescusa (Spain)

Vice Leader: Florelle Gindraux (France)


1) To foster networking between researchers and clinicians, from both academia and industry, who perform clinical trials using perinatal derivatives (PnD) for:

a) current tissue engineering and paracrine strategies and develop new and/or improved clinical pathways to deliver PnD to patients for better therapeutic outcomes; identify the optimal strategy and PnD for the diseases with currently on going trials and opening new possibilities for PnD applications to other diseases, and

b) support the development of critical regulatory aspects of PnD to achieve successful clinical translation (WG4).

The Action will focus on diseases in which PnD applications are more advanced, such as bone and muscle regeneration and fibrotic, inflammatory disorders, as documented by the published results, that in turn will provide rationale for other therapeutic uses. 


Dorela Kroni (Albania)

Dirk Strunk (Austria)

Serhiy Forostyak (Czech Republic)

Xavier Lafarge (France)

Marie Dubus (France)

Racheli Ofir (Israel)

Ruta Navakauskiene (Lithuania)

Lenart Girandon (Slovenia)

 Marta Agudo-Barriuso (Spain)

Angel Esteban Gil (Spain)

Ana I. Flores (Spain)

Sergio David Liarte Lastra (Spain)

Roberto Gramignoli (Sweden)

Ekaterine Berishvili (Switzerland) 

Özlen Bektas (Turkey)
Paolo DeCoppi (United Kingdom)

Pedro Couto (United Kingdom)

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